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Play as an alchemist adventuring through a magical land, scavenging resources between fights. Use the ingredients you gain every fight to keep on fighting and to pay for shopkeeper services. Mix and match the ingredients to find the best alchemical concoctions. Make sure to bounce the concoctions as much as you can to destabilize the reagents and do extra damage!

Double Mechanic Theme: 

1. Resources are used for currency AND combat. Combat is also the same method in which you can trade. (Firing the potion into the shopkeeper's bag). 

2. Potions can also be used in two ways in combat, direct damage, or indirect damage. By shooting it directly at the enemy, you will always do the base damage. But if you shoot it at your other potions on the field, you can set up combos by bouncing the other potion even more so it does extra damage on impact.

3. During combat, potions on the field shrink as time goes on, acting as both a difficulty increase the longer you wait to bounce them again with another ball, and an indicator for how much time you have left to use the potion.  

Contributors: amorizel @amorizel, Aleksei Waddington, Calvin So

Assets: All images come from our artist amorizel.  Audio was edited from source files from a private collection containing samples from online sources, such as 99sounds.org, and CYBERNETICS. Music: DomnicTreis' Playful music from freesound.org.  The font used in game is Children of the Starlight from dafont.com.  All code was written during the project. Anything else came with the UnityEngine(button scripts, physics materials, and so on), made with the student license. 

PC Executable.


AllPurposePotions.zip 24 MB

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